July 21, 2020

As the temperatures continue to soar without an end in sight, most homeowners are taking refuge inside. If you’re doing the same and looking for some energy saving tips to help keep your home cool this summer, read on.

Check Your Windows & Doors

If you’ve got older, inefficient windows and doors, the chances are high that you’re losing your cool air through them while retaining solar heat. This might result in your home’s air conditioning equipment working in overdrive to keep your home cool, which can put added strain on your HVAC system.

In addition, if your home has storm windows installed, it’s possible that they are trapping heat inside your house — which is ideal in the winter, but not in the summer. If this is the case in your home, you may want to install low-e glass on your storm windows.

Consider UV Coatings

You may want to retrofit your home’s windows with UV coatings. UV coatings will filter some of the light entering your home, making it much cooler and more efficient in the summer.

There are 3 levels of UV coating that you can add to your windows, each one filtering more UV light, depending on your needs and preference. With state-of-the-art technology created by Cardinal Glass Industries, we can install windows with over 99% UV protection that will manage solar heat gain, keep you comfortable, and remove some of the strain from your AC unit.

Opt For Double or Triple Pane Glass

If it’s time to invest in new windows, we highly recommend double or triple glazing on low-e glass. Each pane of glass has argon gas in between to help keep you more comfortable in your home, reduce solar gain, provide moisture protection, and more.

Each additional pane of glass works as added insulation, helping to keep your home as energy efficient as possible.

Adjustable Door Thresholds

Adjustable threshold doors allow you the flexibility to reduce drafts in the winter and stop heat and AC from escaping your home. As your home expands and contracts throughout the year as the weather changes, you can adjust the threshold on your front door to ensure that it’s properly aligned for the season. At Bavarian Window Works, all our entry doors come with adjustable thresholds for your convenience.

If you have questions about your home’s windows or how we can help to keep your home cool in the summer, contact Bavarian Window Works here and we will be happy to help.

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