Benefits of Bi-Fold and Lift and Slide Patio Door Designs in Kitchener

When choosing your patio door design for your Kitchener home cost efficiency, maintenance and space are all things to consider. Bi-fold and lift and slide doors have been providing bright open living space for homeowners throughout the years, while adding an elegant look to your home. If you’re considering Bi-fold or lift and slide patio doors take a look at these benefits to see which one is right for your home.

Bi-Fold Design

1. Creates the appearance of a larger room

Having Bi-Fold doors can create a much brighter and larger living space. This can also create a very open concept in the summer months as you can open the doors right out. Bi-Fold doors can change a stuffy, confined, dark living room into a bright, relaxing space for your house.

2. Energy Saving

A great aspect of having bi-fold doors is that you could potentially be saving yourself a significant amount on your electricity bills. Especially during the warmer summer months you’ll be able to leave your doors open all day and evening. Installing these doors can lower the usage of air conditioning, electric fans and other coolers. Cutting back on all of these could help save you quite a bit of money.

3. Low maintenance

With aluminium and UPVC folding patio doors a minimal amount of maintenance is necessary to keep bi-fold doors looking good for years to come. Like most doors all that’s required is the occasional wash-down and a dash of oil periodically.

Lift and Slide Design

1. Ease of Operation

Lift and slide doors not only create and elegant look to your home but also give it a bright and open concept. This design can be extremely energy efficient while preventing condensation or frost. They can also provide a great deal of sun into your home and insect protection.

2. Energy Saving

Since lift and slide doors have optimum sealing, they are one of the most energy saving products you can find on the market when it comes to doors. You won’t find your heat or cooling escaping and costing you extra money, you’ll be saving money instead.

3. Saves Space

Since lift and slide doors don’t need as much room as a traditional door, you have more room in your home which helps create the appearance of a larger space. With a regular door, it will swing in or out, taking up space. This style of door will give you more space inside and outside your home.

Marvin & LePage both offer wood/ wood-clad folding as well as lift and slide doors. They have contemporary designs and their manufacturing is available in very large sizes. Depending on you and your home’s design needs either of these doors are a beautiful, open, energy efficient option.

If you are interested in setting up a meeting contact us today to set up an appointment to see which patio door is right for you and your home.

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  • Derek Mcdoogle

    This summer has been very hot and my wife and I have been looking for solutions to our electricity bill. Your information about bi-folding doors creating lower usage of AC, electric fans, and other coolers was enlightening. It seems like leaving your doors open during the warmer summer months would be a big way to lower our bill. I wonder if a local retailer has some options we could look at.

  • Harper Campbell

    We are in the process of remodeling our home, and we are looking into having new features put in. I like the idea of installing bi-fold doors installed but am curious to know if there are any benefits for having them. It’s interesting to know that these will help with creating the appearance of a larger room. I would love to have the feel of an open area to help make the room more relaxing.

  • Replace Sliding Glass Door

    This is excellent information. It is amazing and wonderful to visit your site.

  • David Norriss

    I like how you said that any confined, stuffy room can look relaxing and spacious with bi-fold doors. People who want to have a large open room in their house should consider installing bi-fold doors so that is at least has that look to it. Thank you for mentioning how bi-fold doors can affect a home’s appeal.

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