Why You Should Replace Your Windows & Doors in the Fall

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With summer winding down, many homeowners will be starting to think about fall maintenance for their homes to prepare for the long winter ahead. And if your windows or doors need to be replaced, fall is the perfect time to book your installation with Bavarian Windows and Doors.

Even though window and door installers do installations throughout the year, fall is peak installation season. And because Bavarian Windows doesn’t subcontract, it’s important to start booking with us now. To get a head start on other homeowners, we recommend booking your installation in the late summer to avoid the rush.

Wondering why you should replace your windows in the fall? Fall is the perfect season to do window and door installations for a number of reasons:

Fewer bugs

In the spring and summer, the outdoors are swarming with bugs like mosquitos, flies and bees. You don’t want to let these insects into your home, especially if they are looking for places to nest, so it’s important to have your installation at a time when there are fewer bugs around.

Cooler temperatures

Moderate temperatures are the perfect environment for window and door installations. Not only will your installers be more comfortable doing their job, but it will also be better for your home. Having windows and doors installed during the hot summer months means more hot air being let into your home in the heat of the day.

Energy savings

The best reason for having your new windows and doors installed during the fall months is so that you can start saving on your energy bills this winter. Windows and doors are two of the worst culprits for letting warm air outside during the cold months, meaning you spend more money on heating bills trying to keep your home comfortable. Having brand new, energy-efficient doors and windows installed will save you money in the long-run.

If you’d like to book your fall window or door installation, call Bavarian Window Works in Kitchener.

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