How Our Computer System Makes Orders Easy

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At Bavarian Window Works, we believe that our clients’ time is important. This is why we invested in a computer program that is linked directly with software programs from the manufacturers. This system allows us to give an accurate price the first time, meaning our customers’ time won’t be wasted getting multiple quotes. We’re especially proud of this system because we can say that were one of only four companies in the country that have it in place.

Our system is designed by WTS Paradigm, the leading software solutions provider for companies in the building products industry. It uses data that is unique to each manufacturer, taking separate parts and combining them into one tailored quote for the customer. When our sales team builds a quote for a customer, the system will order the parts they need from the specific manufacturers in real time. This quote includes all labor & installation costs, on top of the price of the windows themselves!

We’ve been using the system for three years, so all of our team members are experts on both the products and the system. They know how to make it work for you!

Have you ever gone to get a quote, only to later discover that the price was miscalculated or even double what you expected? With the system at Bavarian Windows, this won’t happen: we get it right the first time. There are no surprises and no time wasted. Our computer system allows us to fulfill our promise of delivering accuracy by making sure our clients never fall into this ‘wrong quote’ scenario with us. This keeps everything fair for everyone involved – for us and our customers!

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