How to Know When You Should Replace Your Windows

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Replacing your old windows is not just a design choice. Windows, above all, should be functional and add to the efficiency and functionality of your home. Here are a few tell-tale signs to look out for to know when you should replace your windows.

1. Drafts

If you feel hot air coming into your home through your windows when they’re closed in the summer, and cold air coming in during the winter, your windows should be replaced. Often, it’s not a case of just replacing the weather stripping, as this should just be a temporary solution to drafts. Some windows, like those made of wood, can become warped over time and no longer fit the area for which they were made. This causes them to become loose in some areas, resulting in gaps between the frame and the wall.

2. Problems opening and closing

If your windows are not opening and closing properly, or are closing by themselves, the balance is probably off. The balance keeps your windows open, and when the balance fails windows will often slam shut.

3. Condensation

Have you noticed condensation between your window panels? Condensation in the glass of your windows indicates seal failure. When the seal of a window is broken, moisture is able to enter the space between the glass panes, causing condensation. Another sign of a broken seal is a white film, which is caused by calcium build up from condensation.

4. High utility bills

Are you spending lots of money on heating and cooling your home? This is often a sign of leaks, and often the culprit is windows or doors. Sometimes the most cost effective way of fixing this is to replace your old windows with energy efficient ones, rather than trying to make your old windows energy efficient.

5. Noisy home

Noise from a busy street doesn’t have to infiltrate your home. New windows are better at reducing noise pollution than old windows, so you can relax and enjoy your home in peace.

Replacing your windows can have many benefits and can really help you enjoy your home!


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