How to Stop Windows From Freezing

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For many of us, ice on the windows is just a sign of the season. We have fond memories of waking up to frozen windows as children. But ice on your windows can actually cause damage to your windows — and it’s often a sign of windows with poor energy efficiency. As the ice melts, it can damage the window frame and even lead to mold problems.

Instead of admiring it, here’s how to stop windows from freezing:

1) Weatherize your windows

In Kitchener-Waterloo, we see both weather extremes: our winters are cold and snowy, and our summers are hot and humid. As a result, we have to prepare our homes for each new season to make sure they can stand up to different forms of weather.

Getting storm windows, and making sure they’re installed properly, is a good way to stop windows from freezing. You should also make sure to freshen up the caulking before the winter season to prevent moisture from entering your home. Learn more tips for winterizing your windows and doors.

2) Keep moisture at bay

Keeping the inside of your home dry is essential for avoiding moisture problems like frozen windows. Ice on the windows is the result of a buildup of condensation on the inside of your windows, which then freezes when the surface temperature reaches a certain threshold.

If you prevent the condensation from occurring in the first place, you can stop your windows from freezing. Use a dehumidifier and any interior fans you may have.

3) Keep your home warm

Frozen windows often happen overnight, when the temperatures outside plummet, and the inside of your home gets colder as a result. Try turning the heating up a couple of degrees to keep your home warmer. If you notice ice on your windows in particular rooms, consider running a space heater in the affected areas. (Just be sure to never leave space heaters unattended or touching flammable objects.)

4) Replace your windows

Older windows tend to be single-paned, and aren’t as insulating as newer, multi-paned windows. If the above solutions fail, you might need to replace your old windows with double- or triple-paned windows. These create a barrier of dead air between the panes, so it’s harder for heat or cold to come into your home through your windows and your windows are much less likely to freeze as a result.

Contact Bavarian Window Works today to find out how we can help with replacing windows and doors throughout your home!

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