6 Reasons for Installing New Windows

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Do you need to install new windows in your home? Are your current windows getting old and need to be replaced?

New windows and doors can improve the appearance of your home, but can also provide several other great benefits. Here are some of the top reasons you should install new windows in your home:

1) Moisture Problems

When windows get old, you may start to see more issues with moisture, which is bad for almost all areas of your home. Condensation can build up on the inside of your windows, and the window frames can start to deteriorate and let outside water in.

While some repairs might fix the problem short-term, the best solution is to have brand new windows installed by a window installation company to make sure you have the best quality and the best protection against moisture.

2) Drafts

Drafts are most noticeable during the extreme weather months, during winter and summer. If you notice your home is chillier than usual and your furnace is working fine, it might be a problem with your windows.

Replacing your windows will not just make your home more comfortable during these seasons, but it will also save you money on utility bills. Drafty windows mean your furnace has to work overtime to make up for the lost air. More energy-efficient windows will reduce drafts and keep your indoor temperature comfortable, allowing you to spend less on utility bills.

3) Fading Furniture

Many older windows don’t have UV protection built-in, which can contribute to the colours in your furniture and other belongings fading.

Modern windows have special coatings that protect your home from UV rays, allowing your furniture to last longer.

4) Too Much Maintenance

While regular home maintenance is a fact of life for homeowners, too much maintenance means you might have to upgrade some parts of your home.

If your windows require lots of maintenance and regular repairs, like caulking, it might be time to get them replaced. Modern windows also come with less maintenance requirements.

5) Security

Having old or damaged windows makes your home insecure and easier for break-ins. Plus, many older windows have glass that’s easier to break than today’s windows.

Modern windows come with options for impact-resistant windows that can protect your home, and having new windows that are sturdy and lock securely adds some extra security to your home.

6) Increased Home Value

Whether you’re planning on selling your home in the next few years or not, installing new windows is a great way to add instant value to your home. Homebuyers are often attracted to homes that don’t need windows replaced in the near future, so installing new windows is a great investment.

Do you need new windows for your home? Request a quote from our team today.

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