Safest Door Lock on the Market

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At Bavarian Window Works, we know that you want to feel safe in your home. You want to rest easy at night and you want to feel protected. That’s why we are proud to offer our customers the latest locking technology for the best protection.

There are many types of door locks on the market. The most popular locks include:

  • Deadbolts
    • This common lock comes in single, double, and triple cylinders.
  • Knob Locks
    • This lock has a knob on both the outside and inside of the door.
  • Keyless Entry Pads
    • Typically deadbolts, these locks require a numbered keypad to open the door instead of a key.
  • Multi-point Lock
    • This lock features three distinct locking points for extra security.

What is the safest door lock on the market?

Multipoint Lock- Bavarian Window Works

While no door lock is fool-proof, we highly recommend multi-point locks. Here are some highlights of the multi-point locking mechanism:

  1. Three separate locking points at the top, centre, and bottom of the door add additional locking points across the full panel of the door, rather than just the centre. This adds extra security.
  2. The three locking points help to keep the door aligned and prevents warping over time. This is especially helpful with wood doors and fibreglass doors.
  3. Having three pressure points helps to enhance the door’s seal against the weatherstripping. This helps guard against the wind and cold temperatures of our Canadian winters.
  4. The locking construction is manufactured with premium grade stainless steel that resists corrosion and will stay strong over the long term.
  5. The lock is helpful for over-sized doors, including patio doors, because it helps to distribute the pressure of the door across the entire height of the frame.
  6. The lock doesn’t impact the design of the door or interior/exterior frames. The locking mechanism is embedded in the door so you can enjoy the design of your new door without a lock being visible.

We have installed thousands of doors featuring the multi-point locking system for our customers and regularly receive rave reviews.

Contact Bavarian today to learn more about the latest door-locking technology and how to have the best locks on the market installed at your home.

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