Seasonal Window Maintenance Tips in Kitchener

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The fun doesn’t stop when the installation process is over. Maintaining your windows throughout the year is important to ensuring their optimal functionality. Bavarian Windows has prepared a list of several seasonal window maintenance tips for your home in Kitchener.

As the seasons change, your windows are exposed to harsh weather conditions and can suffer wear and tear. Some things to look for when inspecting your windows each season include:

1. Examining for moisture damage: Make sure windows are functioning properly by opening and closing them completely. Any difficulties may indicate moisture damage.
2. Check the sealing: Examine the caulking and sealing of your windows to ensure that the elements haven’t caused any erosion and there aren’t any gaps between the window casing and the wall. These gaps can reduce the energy efficiency of your home and leave spaces open for potential water damage.
3. Check for sun damage: UV Rays can cause areas of your window to warp or become brittle. Sun may also cause paint to chip.
4. Inspect windowpanes: It’s important to check your windowpane for cracks and chips since they may require immediate replacement.

Regularly inspecting your windows will help ensure that their appearance is well maintained and they’re functioning properly. If you’d like to learn more about inspecting and maintaining your windows contact the team at Bavarian Window Works!

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