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Bavarian Building 030Bavarian Window Works opened in 1998, when three partners came together to join forces. These partners loved working within the window and door industry, but wanted a change in direction and a focus towards quality, value and choice. They created Bavarian Window Works with the aim of making a big impact in the industry, by striving to provide customers with consistently high-end products and services.

A Lifestyle Brand

The idea behind Bavarian Window Works was to get away from the window and siding mentality, by providing a lifestyle brand rather than discounted products. As the Bavarian brand owners, we are heavily invested in the long-term health of the company. Our team wants customers to feel comfortable in our stores and to understand that we are committed to providing them with quality products, designs, and installations. The goal of building a lifestyle brand starts with the trust of our customers.

German Doors and Windows in Canada

The name ‘Bavarian Window Works’ comes from the Waterloo region’s German heritage. Many of our products also have German roots — although they are made in Canada. We choose all our products with the highest quality and value in mind. We ensure our showroom displays are constantly updated to reflect the latest designs. Practices like this have made us an industry leader over the years, and guarantee we will remain in this position.

Our initial decision, to move in a different direction from the competition, has led to a strong presence in the marketplace. We’ve created an environment that allows customers to buy what they want, without being sold to. This orientation continues to guide us as we help them select the best products and designs for their home or office. This is the promise at Bavarian Window Works.

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