Why We Hire Our Own Installers

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InstallationHere at Bavarian Window Works, we’re committed to providing our customers with comprehensive service. We want to make sure that our customers have the best quality care, from the moment they walk in our showroom door until the moment their new windows are installed. This start-to-finish dedication is why all of our installers are also direct employees of our company.

When you hire Bavarian Windows to provide an installation, you can be sure that no one is subcontracted. This sets us apart from many other companies in the industry. Maintaining a year-round team of technicians for installations is an unusual choice and it’s not easy to do in today’s small business marketplace. It would cost less for us to subcontract most of our installation work, but we are committed to offering high-quality service and we feel that we can only do that by hiring and training all of our employees.

Our commitment to holistic, end-to-end customer experience is one of the main reasons behind our decision to hire our own installers. But we also want to help our installers focus on their jobs without worrying about anything else. This is why we’ve chosen to take on the added responsibility of keeping them employed throughout the year. When you purchase Bavarian services, you can rest assured that you’ll be getting the same level of quality throughout the process.

This is our commitment to you. So if you value quality and customer service, come visit Bavarian Window Works and see if we can do something to help you!

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