Why You Should Consider Hybrid Windows

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There are a number of hybrid windows available these days and many reasons why they might make a great choice for your home! Hybrid windows offer customers both savings and high quality products, often providing the best value in the industry. Here at Bavarian Window Works, we offer two main types of hybrid windows – each with its own advantages.

Fiberglass Hybrid Window
The great thing about fiberglass windows is their durability. They’re a relatively new technology within the industry and manufacturers have been able to make windows stronger and less expensive as a result of this exciting change! On the outside, it looks like a normal window, but inside it’s mostly fiberglass with wood lining the frame. Fiberglass is strong, helping it stand up to the elements, and it’s much lighter than regular window glass. They’re a great progressive option!

Vinyl Hybrid Window
Vinyl hybrids combine the superior look of wood with the savings of vinyl, so the buyer can get the benefits of both materials! This option serves a midway point between traditional wood and pure vinyl: if wood is too expensive but you’d like something better looking than vinyl, then this is the right choice for you!

By combining the benefits of both parts, hybrid windows are great value for homeowners. These products provide the classic look of wood, along with the advantages of the other product, at better price point! It’s a ‘best of both worlds’ scenario, making it essential to consider hybrid windows for your home.

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