How To Deal With Window Condensation in Kitchener

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Have you ever wondered exactly why your windows have condensation on them or what this might be saying about your home?

Condensation happens when the warm air on the inside of your home meets the cool surface of your windows during the winter months, resulting in condensation. Flaws in the insulation of your home and windows can allow the cold outside air to seep in to your home and cause moisture to build up in unwated areas. These areas are then susceptible to mould and growth of fungus.

Here are some ways you can prevent condensation from affecting your home:

1. Install better-insulated windows and doors
2. Install an HRV (Heat Recovery Ventilator) system in your home
3. Opening a door or window in order to let some air out
4. Use a dehumidifier in your home

While some of these may be temporary solutions, installing well insulated windows and doors are a good way to solve issues of condensation. Contact Bavarian Window Works to learn more about our energy efficient window and door solutions.

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