Common Window Problems & What They Could Mean

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Did you know your house can communicate problems to you? You just have to know the signs. So next time you see something a little off with your windows, consider whether they’re trying to warn you of a bigger problem.

1) Condensation on the bottom or corners of the glass

You may have become used to having condensation on the bottom of your windows, but it’s usually the sign of improper ventilation in your home. While this is usually the sign of a moisture issue rather than a window issue, it’s important to resolve it before the moisture turns into mold, mildew or rots the window sills. Try running a humidifier or bathroom fans to improve ventilation in your home.

2) Condensation between the window panes

Condensation between the window panes is often a sign that the seal on your double- or triple-paned windows has failed. This is a problem because it means the barrier between your home and outside has been breached, leading to loss of warm air and energy. But this can be an easy fix, and doesn’t always mean your entire window will have to be replaced.

3) Condensation in the centre of the glass

Double-pane windows are often filled with argon gas, and if the gas leaks out, it can cause condensation in the centre of the window panes. Without the gas, your windows can’t provide proper insulation to your home. This usually requires a full window replacement, but may be covered under warranty.

4) Water leaks around the window

When it rains, your windows should protect the inside of your home from any water or moisture. If you see any water leaking around your window after a rainfall, this could be a sign that your windows are not closing tightly. Sometimes the solution is just a matter of closing your windows more tightly, but it could also be an issue with the seal.

5) Drafty windows

There are two reasons for drafty windows: your window panes are not properly sealed or the weatherstripping around the window frames is not adequate. If your window drafts are a result of the first problem, the entire window should be replaced with a more energy efficient model. Weatherstripping, on the other hand, is easier and simpler to replace, but can save you big on energy bills.

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