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There are so many brands of windows, styles of windows, glazings, finishes, handles, and insulation options — it can be overwhelming. We know there are a lot of considerations to take into account when selecting your home’s windows, so we’ve crafted Bavarian Window Works’ Windows 101 blog to help you decide.

Types of Windows

There are all sorts of styles to consider when choosing windows for your home. Here are some of the most popular kinds:

  • Arched- have an arched/curved area at the top of the window
  • Awning- swing open from the bottom, rather than slide
  • Bay- larger grouping of three or more panes in an angled design
  • Casement- hinged at the side or top and swing open
  • Double Hung- both the top section and bottom section slide up and down to open
  • Egress- generally used for basements they are easy to climb out of
  • Garden- are built out from the home to add light and shelf space
  • Picture- large pane of glass that doesn’t open
  • Round- round in design, can include muntins to divide the glass
  • Single Hung- the lower section of glass slides upwards to open
  • Skylight- built to bring light from above into a space
  • Sliding- opens horizontally along tracks
  • Storm- a window that fits over an existing window to provide extra insulation
  • Transom- generally installed over a door or larger window as a design element

Window Design Consideration

Whether you are replacing existing windows, planning a renovation, or building a new home, there are many design options to consider.

Homeowners should ask themselves what the purpose of the windows will be:

  1. Is it to provide a great view?
  2. Is it to bring more natural light into the space?
  3. Is it allow for more fresh air?

In some cases, a window installation will allow for all three of these purposes, but it really depends on your unique situation. Ensuring that you begin the selection process with these integral questions will help you determine which style of window you want.

Window Glazing and Tinting

In order to provide increased energy efficiency, windows come treated with all sort of different kinds of glazing. Types of glazing will vary based on the brand, but generally they fall into three categories:

  1. Single glazing or tinting- used on clear glass, this provides the lowest amount of insulation and lowest reduction of glare.
  2. Double glazing or tinting- this is when you have a window with two panes of glass, to create additional insulation and reduced glare.
  3. Double glazing on low-e glass- two panes of glass have glazing and the space between the windows is filled with argon gas to reduce heat loss but allow for solar gain.
  4. Triple glazing on low-e glass- three panes of glass have glazing and the argon gas between, and spacers to support increased insulation, gas-tight sealing, accommodate stress from temperature variations, and act as a moisture barrier.

Window Construction

Once you decide on the type of windows, you can select the materials and colours. Windows are most commonly available in wood, vinyl, and fibreglass — or as a hybrid, incorporating two types of materials in one window.

Colours and finishes, also vary from brand to brand, but are typically available in a wide enough range to satisfy every homeowner.

There’s a lot to understand about windows. Come and visit Bavarian Window Works, and our expert team will help you find the perfect windows for your home .

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