Tips for Winterizing Your Windows and Doors

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Make sure your home is prepared for the cold months ahead by winterizing the windows and doors in your home.

Did you know that windows and doors are the places in your home where warm indoor air is most likely to escape? It’s important to winterize these elements of your home, so that you can stay warm and save on your energy bills.

Here are some of our top tips for winterizing windows and doors in any home:

Repair Your Windows

Before the winter starts, always make sure you check your window panes for cracks and have them replaced if necessary. If you’ve noticed a draft around any of your windows, you should also seal any gaps with caulking around the inside edge of the window frame.

Install Storm Windows & Storm Doors

If you have storm windows, but don’t use them year-round, make sure to switch out any summer window screens and install them now. You can also install a storm door on your front and back doors to improve the protection for them.

Improve the Seal on Your Doors

There are a number of great ways to improve the seal on your front door and other exterior doors. You can apply weather stripping around your doors or replace any door thresholds if they are worn down. Adding a sweep to the bottom of your exterior doors is another good option. Finally, you should make sure your exterior doors are hanging straight and sealed properly when they’re closed.

Add Insulation

If you’re noticing issues with drafts around the frame of your windows or doors, it is possible to add extra insulation to the area behind the window or door trim. Low-expansion spray foam can be used for this purpose.

Install a Window Well

A window well is a good way to protect your basement windows and will help to prevent flooding and water damage. Window wells may also be necessary to allow egress from basement-level windows, under the Ontario Building Code. You can learn more about this here.

If you still experience drafts after trying these tips, then it may be time to consider replacing your windows or your doors to improve the energy efficiency in your home. A few simple replacements could make a big difference in your heating bills this winter and make your home more comfortable in the colder months.

If you need a window or door replacement, contact Bavarian Window Works in Kitchener for a quote.

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