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You’ve decided you need to replace your existing windows. You’ve looked at the house magazines. You know you want windows that are energy-efficient, easy to use, and attractive. But, when it comes to down to the material of the window, it’s hard to know which is the best choice for your home. Do you choose wood, vinyl, fibreglass, or some hybrid option?

Expert Tip: You want to stay ahead of the busy installation season (April-September), so now is a great time to consider your options and order your windows.

When choosing your window material, you want to consider things like R-value and U-value, glazing and tinting, colours and finishes, and so on. It can be difficult to know which type of window material will function best in your home. Here are some key questions to ask yourself when selecting new windows:

  1. What room will the window be in and do you want it to feel bright and welcoming, or more subdued and tranquil?
  2. Will you require a specific colour or style to fit your existing interior design?
  3. Do you want the windows to open in a particular fashion, in order to allow air to move through your space or to make them easy to clean?
  4. Would you like the windows to help reduce noise from outside or improve your privacy?

These questions will help you keep the end goal in mind, when you’re trying to select your new windows. In this post, Bavarian Window Works has broken down some benefits of the most popular window materials for you to consider:

Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows used to be known as being cheap, both in price and in quality. This is no longer the case. Built-in UV stabilizers prevent the colour of the vinyl from fading and the material from breaking down. While they are still generally less expensive, they have improved in quality and offer many positive features:

  • High energy efficiency ratings and good moisture resistance.
  • Maintenance-free and very durable.
  • Does not require painting or staining.
  • Customizable with lots of choices for style, colour, and size.

Wood Windows

The classic frame option, wood windows will provide durability, visual appeal, and are environmentally friendly. Typically clad in aluminum, they will provide a maintenance-free exterior, or they can be painted or stained. If they are looked after (with regular maintenance and weatherproofing), wood windows can outlast PVC windows.

  • Attractive, high curb appeal.
  • Customizable and paintable/stainable (interior and/or exterior).
  • Accepted as ‘historical replacement’ for heritage homes.
  • Environmentally friendly (use approximately 8x less energy to make than PVC).

Fibreglass Windows

Fibreglass is a relatively new technology within the windows and doors industry. This new material has allowed manufacturers to make windows stronger and less expensive as a result. Fibreglass is also highly durable and demands little upkeep while providing good energy-efficiency for your home.

  • Thermal efficient and non-conductive for heat and cold.
  • Extremely durable with high moisture resistance.
  • Easy to clean and low maintenance requirements.
  • The option to paint a wide range of colours.

Hybrid Windows

A hybrid window is any style of window where the exterior frame is made from different material than the interior frame. At Bavarian Window Works, we offer two main types of hybrid windows: fibreglass hybrid and vinyl hybrid. Hybrid windows offer many positive features:

  • Strike the perfect balance between value and affordability.
  • Ability to choose different colours for the inside and the outside.
  • Match the durability and rigidity for the exterior with warmth and colour on the interior.
  • Select maintenance-free options for the exterior with paintable options for the interior (making it easy to update your space).

Fibreglass Hybrid Windows

The great thing about fiberglass hybrid windows is their durability. They’re a relatively new technology within the industry and manufacturers have been able to make windows stronger and less expensive as a result of this exciting change. On the outside, it looks like a normal wood window, but inside its mostly fiberglass with wood lining the frame. Fiberglass is strong, helping it stand up to the elements, and it’s much lighter than regular window glass. They’re a great progressive option.

Vinyl Hybrid Windows

Vinyl hybrid windows combine the superior look of wood with the savings of vinyl, so the buyer can get the benefits of both materials. This option serves a midway point between traditional wood and pure vinyl. If wood is too expensive, but you’d like something better looking than vinyl, then this is the right choice for you!

Whatever your needs, or your style, Bavarian Window Works can help you with your window choices and installation. We carry a wide range of options and brands (from Lepage to Ostaco and Sunrise to Marvin), our showroom is filled with a beautiful selection of windows to choose from.

Come into our showroom and discuss your unique needs with our team. We’ll work with you to establish your goals and arrange a convenient time to visit your home and get measurements, so you can place your window order before the busy season hits!

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