Egress Window (41½” x 21½”)


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Are you turning your basement into a rental apartment? Ensure your new space meets Ontario building code when you order an egress window from Bavarian Windows.

After placing your order, your egress window will be available for pick-up at the Bavarian Windows showroom in Kitchener.


These egress windows are ready-made, affordable, and easy-to-purchase. They have been specifically designed by Bavarian Windows to meet the required Building Codes in Ontario and Guelph — making it simple for homeowners to complete their renovation projects. View the PDFs below for details:


Our Egress Windows are available in 3 sizing options:

  • 36″ x 24″ (3.8 ft2 clear opening)
  • 41½” x 21½” (3.83 ft2 clear opening)
  • Custom Sizing

Basic sizes are offered only in white. Further colour options are available with custom windows. Contact us for details.

Order Fulfillment

Standard sizes (36″ x 24″ and 41½” x 21½”) will be ready to pick up 2 days from order date. Custom sizing will take between 2 and 4 weeks.


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