Energy Efficiency for Windows and Doors in Kitchener

At Bavarian Windows, we aim to minimize our environmental impact wherever possible. That is why we carry products that set the standard for green technologies while allowing our customers to conserve energy as well. We are very progressive in pursuing products such as fibreglass and sustainable wood products to lessen environmental impact.

Many of the products we carry are Energy Star certified and maintain a high level of energy efficiency while adding to the beauty, functionality, and durability of your home. The benefits of these products have a lasting effect on your lifestyle and your home, ensuring that you can maintain a minimal impact on the environment and achieve long-term performance and energy cost savings.

Energy Efficiency Basics

Windows and doors are one of the most important factors affecting the comfort and energy efficiency of your home. They are the fenestration, or openings in a building, and are crucial to ventilation, lighting, and comfort.

Old, leaky, or failing windows account for a large portion of wasted energy in buildings. In winter, warm air leaking out and blocking of solar rays mean more energy is required to heat your home, resulting in higher utility bills. In the summer, cool air will escape and outdoor heat will not be reflected, increasing your air conditioning costs

The performance of a window or door is affected by three main factors: air, heat, and solar radiation . Air flow that is wanted through an open window is ventilation. Air flow through a closed window through leaks decreases energy efficiency. Heat moves from a warmer area to a cooler area naturally.  The purpose of a properly functioning window and door is to minimize the heat transfer occurring on these surfaces. Solar radiation from sunlight can pass through the glass and warm the air inside a building. This is beneficial in cold areas, as this natural heating can help to reduce your energy costs. In warm areas, it is desirable to reflect as much of the solar radiation as possible back outside.

Various parts of windows and doors work together to control air, heat and solar radiation, minimizing the impact of external weather conditions on the temperature of the interior of your home.


ENERGY STAR is a federal program that determines where a variety of products, including windows and doors, meet certain energy efficiency standards. Products that achieve specific benchmarks can display the ENERGY STAR label. Bavarian is a registered ENERGY STAR company and offers an extensive roster of products and options that meet ENERGY STAR standards. With windows and doors, the ENERGY STAR standards vary by climate.


For tips on saving energy in your home please follow the link below and select your appropriate province or territory.

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