July 1, 2019

Bavarian is excited to offer our customers attractive, technologically-advanced MasterGrain fibreglass doors, proudly made in Canada.

MasterGrain provides a premium line of fibreglass exterior door systems, featuring the most authentic wood grain replication in the door industry, and Bavarian is proud to be the region’s destination for these incredible products.

Here are a few key reasons why we recommend installing a MasterGrain fibreglass door:

1. NVD Technology

MasterGrain has developed a patented process, based on Nickel Vapor Deposition Technology (NVD). This unique process begins by hand-selecting the most desirable wood pieces to build a real wood door. Then a silicone casting accurately picks up the finest details of the wood grain and transfers it into a door mold using NVD technology.

The mold produces fibreglass skins with random grain depths and all the natural characteristics of real wood, making their doors virtually indistinguishable from real wood doors. The result is a fibreglass door that looks like a gorgeous wood door, but features the remarkable strength and long-lasting quality of fibreglass.

2. Durable Construction

MasterGrain is focused on building doors that not only look great but are built to last. Constructed using a rigid poly-fiber formula to ensure strength and incorporating 4.24” stiles (the vertical sections of the door frame) with laminated strand lumber, you can rest assured that your door will stand the test of time.

Door construction is heavily reinforced and features:

  • Cladded astragal with aluminum reinforcement
  • Vinyl composite jamb with a composite core
  • Fibreglass cladded brick molds with a composite core
  • Reinforced mull posts with composite trim

Fun Fact: All MasterGrain fibreglass doors are impact-proof to withstand hurricane-strength winds up to 100 mph!

3. Beautiful Hardware

From multi-point locks to pull bars to the latest lever handles, MasterGrain finishes the look of your door with style and elegance. Easy to use and gorgeous to look at, the range of handle plates and finishes can be combined to create a look unique for you and your home.

Satin Nickel, Oil Rubbed Bronze, and the always on-trend Flat Black finishes are just some of the options available.

4. Quality Coatings

The paint and stain that is applied to your door is specially formulated to provide a long-lasting, durable, and resilient finish. MasterGrain not only formulates a wide range of finishes, but they also test them for 4,000 hours on their doors and frames.

Fun Fact: MasterGrain is so confident in the quality of their coatings that they offer a 10-year warranty on their door paints and stains.

If you are looking for a new door for your home or business, or you have questions about MasterGrain products, contact the team at Bavarian. We are the region’s premier MasterGrain supplier, and we’ll help you find the perfect door.

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