2017 Window and Door Trends

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In 2017, the trends for windows and doors are all about energy efficiency, sustainability, and window walls.

Energy efficient windows and doors

Canadians are increasingly focused on saving energy and lowering their hydro and gas bills. Windows and doors have a huge impact on a home’s energy loss.

Poor installation, years of use, weather, and foundation shifting and settling can result in windows or doors cracking or not fitting their frames correctly. This results in drafts, energy loss, and an increased use of electricity and/or gas.

According to the University of Massachusetts Amherst Department of Environmental Conservation, an average home may lose 30% of its heat or air-conditioning energy through its windows.

Natural Resources Canada (NRC) recommends replacing glazing, sashes, and windows with properly installed, energy-efficient windows to make homes more comfortable, reduce drafts, and reduce condensation. NRC also recommends that poor condition doors be replaced with Energy-Star certified units, installed by professional contractors.


Another big trend in 2017 is sustainability. This can mean different things in different industries. For windows and doors, sustainability means being environmentally friendly and Made in Canada.

Bavarian Window Works is focused on green technology and products that are Made in Canada. In order to minimize our environmental impact, we carry a variety of products that are Energy-Star certified. Energy-Star windows are specifically crafted to reduce solar heat gain and ultimately reduce your energy usage. Many also use recyclable packaging and incorporate recycled materials.

We also carry a large selection of windows and doors that are Made in Canada. At Bavarian Window Works, we are proud to support local, Canadian-made products and businesses.

Our suppliers include:

Ostaco Windows & Doors
Based in Ontario, Ostaco prides itself as being a benchmark in the Canadian window and door industry, providing high quality, innovative products, and exceptional customer service.

Hometech Window Corporation
Based in Ontario, Hometech designs and manufactures a brand new generation of vinyl windows featuring advancing glazing techniques, sealed glass, and clean lines for elegantly styled windows.

Euro Vinyl Windows
Based in Ontario, Euro follows the simple philosophy of building the best window and door products they can. Their team is committed to excellence and prioritizing the needs of their customers.

Lepage Millwork
Based in Quebec, and backed by over 50 years of experience, Lepage Millwork offers an exceptional range of fully customized, high-quality wood, wood-clad, and hybrid window products. Lepage is also proud to manufacture products using Red Grandis wood. Red Grandis is specially-grown hardwood from a Eucalyptus tree. It’s a truly sustainable product featuring Forest Stewardship Certification.

We believe in supporting Canadian manufacturers and are proud to offer our customers products that are well made, innovative, energy efficient, and in the latest styles.

Window Walls

Window walls are what they sound like…a wall of windows. The trend began in 2016 and is going strong in 2017. Many condos and businesses have adopted this trend and have installed floor to ceiling windows spanning entire rooms (or even entire floors), and now homeowners are getting on board.

Designing and installing a window wall is a larger renovation but it will make a huge difference in your home.

Window walls are a fantastic way to bring light into your home, they are aesthetically pleasing, they provide an amazing opportunity to highlight an outside view, and they add serious curb and resale value.

Window walls can also be designed to incorporate doors. The latest trends include, bi-folding doors, larger sliding door systems, and French doors. Installing this combination of windows and doors in your home will look stunning.

Visit Bavarian Window Works today and learn all about window walls and how they can work in your space.

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