What Kind of Front Door Should I Buy?

“What kind of front door should I buy?”, is one of the most frequently Googled questions about exterior front doors — and for good reason. There are so many companies and styles of doors that it can be confusing.

Here are some important things to keep in mind when looking to replace your front door.

Consider Your Door Location

Every home is different, but there are certain considerations that can influence your door selection, including:

  • Where is your door located?
    • Is your front door on the front of your house or is off to one side?
  • Is your door raised up from the ground?
    • Is it at ground level, or up a series of steps?
  • Is your door protected?
    • Is it covered by a porch or an overhang?
  • What sort of climate will your door face?
    • Do you live near water? Does your weather have large temperature fluctuations? Will the door be in direct sun?
  • Are you looking to enhance your entryway or keep it the same?
    • Do you want to increase light by adding sidelites or a transom?

The answers to these questions will help you decide which door will be best for your particular location.

Types of Front Doors

The two most popular types of front doors are wood and fibreglass.

Wood doors are a popular choice among homeowners. Offering a great look, and a warm appearance, wood doors are custom-built in all shapes, sizes, and colours.

Pros of choosing a wood door:

  • Great choice for older homes where custom sizes are required
  • Offer great flexibility in design: colour, finish, panels, number of windows, etc.
  • Easily updated with a coat of paint or stain (and scratches can be repaired)
  • Wood provides a warm and rich look

Fibreglass doors are are an increasingly popular choice among homeowners because they are tough and typically maintenance-free. Fibreglass doors are also highly engineered and can offer the look of a real wood door by using a woodgrain finish.

Pros of choosing a fibreglass door:

  • Engineered to withstand the elements
  • Require virtually no maintenance
  • Offer greater insulation (R-value) up to 4x that of wood
  • Highly durable and long-lasting
  • Less expensive than wood

There are lots of considerations and many brands on the market. At Bavarian, we carry a wide selection of wood and fibreglass options, including Therma-Tru , Lepage , and Ostaco .

Come and visit our showroom to get all your questions answered and discover your perfect front door.

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