Reasons To Replace Your Windows

We know that homeowners have lots of questions about when and why they should replace their windows. It can be confusing. How do you know when your window has come to the end of its life? How do you determine which window is best for your unique situation? Here are some answers to help you know when it’s time to replace your windows.

Top 5 reasons to replace your windows:

1. Are your windows difficult, or impossible, to open? When you do manage to open them, do they come off their track, or move out beyond the sill?

If you struggle to open a window, odds are you will eventually stop trying. This means you aren’t letting fresh air into your home and you aren’t benefiting from natural breezes that will cool your home in the summer. Opening your windows will save you money since you won’t be running your air conditioner as often. If your window consistently comes off its track, or moves out of the sill, you will be at risk of cracking the glass and breaking your sill and frame — repairing interior and exterior window sills and frames is expensive.

2. Do your windows constantly need painting, staining, cleaning?

Windows are exposed to the elements and over time rain, snow, and sun will take their toll. Windows that once looked clean and nicely painted will require maintenance on a regular basis. You may find that you are sanding, priming, and painting your windows every year (or every season) in order to maintain their look and their life. If your windows always seems dirty, it’s likely that the glass coating has worn off. If your view seems blurry or warped, odds are the sun has degraded the quality of the glass — and that’s something that cannot be repaired.

3.Are your energy bills going up? Do you see your drapes moving even when the window is shut?

Do you use draft stoppers, like cute stuffed animal snakes, along the inside of your window sills in the winter? If you are spending money on caulking, weatherstripping, and plastic wrap for your windows every winter, then it’s safe to say you would benefit from replacing your windows. A gap as small as 1/16 of an inch around your window can let in as much cold air as having an entire brick missing from the exterior wall of your home. To make up for this chilly air, your furnace and/or electric baseboards will turn on frequently, and this will add up to a large heating and gas bill.

4.Are your windows damp on the inside? Is moisture or water accumulating and creating mould?

Windows that leak, or have seals that are broken or cracked, allow for large temperature fluctuations which can lead to the accumulation of moisture. Windows at, or below, ground level are also at risk for substantial leaks from groundwater and runoff. In both of these cases, moisture can result in the growth of mould — and this is hazardous to the health of you and your family. If left for a period of time, mould can cause structural damage to your home which will require extensive rehabilitation and repair. This kind of specialized work is very costly.

5.Do your windows match the look of your home? Are you renovating? Are you looking to sell your home?

Over time, many homeowners renovate and make upgrades to their home. In some cases, changing the exterior paint colour or siding, updating your roof, or upgrading the finishes on your home can make your existing windows look less appealing. Replacing your windows will make your home more attractive and will add instant curb appeal.

There are many good reasons to replace your windows, it all depends on your unique situation.

For nearly two decades, Bavarian Window Works has been helping customers make informed decisions on replacing their windows — from education to installation, we can help. Visit us online and in store to find the perfect windows for your home.

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