March 12, 2019

Spring is almost here and now is the time to conduct your annual spring home maintenance. Now that the winter is over, you want to make sure that your house is ready for the upcoming season.

By taking a few minutes to walk around your home (both inside and out), you can take stock of what has weathered the severe winter, and what needs repair and attention — this is particularly important when it comes to your windows.

Our customers often ask us what they should look for when they examine their windows, and when they should replace their windows. Our team wants to help you answer these important questions, so we put together a list of spring home maintenance checklist to help you out!

Spring Home Maintenance for Windows

Here are the top three things to look for:

1. Mould

Examine both the inside and outside frames of your windows. Check the edges, sills, hardware, and closures for mould. If mould has begun to grow, then you likely have a moisture and condensation problem, and you will be experiencing insulation issues around your windows.

2. Cracked or Peeling Caulking

If you notice that the caulking surrounding your windows is coming away from the window itself, then you need to ensure that they are professionally re-caulked. Space between the caulking and the window will allow air to flow through the windows, reducing energy efficiency — and it can also allow water to enter your home.

3. Cloudy Windows

If you notice that your windows are looking cloudy or foggy, then it’s likely that you’re getting airflow and moisture between your panes of glass. This can be caused by severe weather like water and intense sun, because you have seal failure or spacer failure between the panes, or because your windows have reached their end of life and are simply too old to function properly.

If you’ve walked around and noticed some or all of these problems, then we recommend speaking with a professional about the next steps. In some cases, these problems can be fixed, and in other cases, you will need to replace the windows.

Early Spring is the Best Time to Install New Windows

Many people think that it has to be warm and sunny before you can install your windows, but this isn’t the case. Here are our top three reasons to install your windows in the early spring:

1. Decrease Your Installation Wait Time

If you wait until the summer to order and install your windows, then you will be waiting much longer to have this worked performed as this is the peak of the installation season. Ordering your windows now means that they will be ready sooner and your installation can happen before the summer.

2. Installing in Early Spring Won’t Damage Your Gardens

Installing new windows in the early spring, before the plants have had a chance to grow, means that you won’t be at risk of damaging your gardens and shrubs. We take great pains to ensure that we cover and protect your plants on every job, but getting new windows in earlier in the season is a safer bet for your flowers.

3. Get the Latest Products

Early spring is the time of year that the newest products begin to hit the market. You can access the best technology and advancements before they get ordered by so many other customers that the production time gets extended, and your installation gets delayed.

There are plenty of important reasons to take good care of your windows, and our team can help you with repairs and replacement so you can feel comfortable in your home. Contact us today to set up a free consultation.

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