March 24, 2020

If you’re looking for windows or doors with excellent warranties, Bavarian Window Works has you covered.

There are two types of warranties offered on all Bavarian products: Manufacturer warranties and workmanship warranties. In this blog, we review the details of our very own workmanship warranty and answer some commonly asked questions.

What Type of Warranties Are Available?

All of the products that Bavarian installs are backed by extensive manufacturer warranties — some are even up to 25 years.

We are very selective about which manufacturers we work with, in order to ensure that the level of quality is up to our high standards and that the warranties will protect our clients.

If you’re interested in reading more about our individual manufacturer’s warranties, click here.

Above and beyond manufacturer product warranties, Bavarian offers a 10-year workmanship warranty for all the products we install.

Bavarian’s Workmanship Warranty

Product defects would generally fall under the manufacturer warranty, whereas installation issues fall under the Bavarian workmanship warranty.

Under the workmanship warranty, an “installation defect” is defined as “an error that significantly impairs the proper operation of said product.” When given notice by the customer within 10 years of the installation, Bavarian will:

  • Provide the labour to repair any such Installation Defect (and provide replacement materials if Bavarian determines such materials are necessary to make the repairs or,
  • Refund the original purchase price of the defective unit(s) including the price of installation.
  • Warranty is automatically transferred to any subsequent owner of the home on which the product was installed.

Warranty Limitations

There are some limitations to note, which can be found in more detail here. Below, we have summarized some of the important limitations to note.

  • Installations, repairs, or modifications performed by anyone other than Bavarian.
  • Installations or service that has not been paid for in full.
  • Installation or product failure, or loss due to normal wear and tear, and improper handling.

Why Reputation Matters

Hiring a reputable window and door company is the most important thing you can do, above all else. The bottom line is that even if a company has a very attractive warranty, if they aren’t around to honour it, it’s of no help to you.

At Bavarian, we can assure you that we aren’t going anywhere. We have a great long-standing relationship with all of our suppliers and are 100% confident that you will never be left in the dark when it comes to a manufacturer or workmanship warranty.

If you are interested in new windows or doors, or want more information about our bullet-proof warranties, you can reach us here or visit our showroom in Kitchener.

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  1. Justin Goodsell was kind enough to buy my husband and I a generous gift certificate for a steak dinner at The Keg when our window installments were delayed. We were initially disappointed that our living room windows weren’t on time, but Justin’s gift more than made up for it.

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