January 11, 2019

It’s winter. The temperature has dropped and it’s cold outside. Does this mean you need to put up with your drafty or leaky windows for another season because it’s too late to install new ones?

Many people think that once the snow begins to fall and the temperature drops that it’s too late to replace their windows and they need to wait until the spring. This is not the case.

Did You Know?
Many people think that if they replace their windows in the winter their house will be freezing cold and open to the elements. This is not true. When Bavarian’s team installs windows in the winter, we replace one window at a time. We don’t remove every window that is going to be replaced at once, so your house will stay protected.

You can replace your windows in the winter — and there are plenty of good reasons not to wait.

Reasons To Replace Your Windows In The Winter

Here are just a few reasons why it’s perfectly acceptable, and even beneficial, to replace your windows now and not wait until next spring:

1.  Stop Feeling Chilly in Your Home and Reduce Drafts

No one wants to feel cold or uncomfortable in their home — and suffering through a whole winter is completely unnecessary.

Drafty and leaky windows create temperature differentials throughout your home, creating discomfort for you, your family, your pets, and your guests.

When the temperature of your home constantly varies, you put pressure on your home heating system. If your heating system is constantly running to compensate for the chilly drafts, you might be receiving some large utility bills. No one wants that.

Fun Fact
The amount of time between the old window being removed and the new window being installed is only a few short minutes — the time it takes to go to the truck and back. The temperature in your home won’t drop drastically in just a few minutes.

2. Improve Your Insulation

Every window install includes a fresh application of foam insulation and caulking to ensure that your new window, and the area surrounding the window, is properly insulated.

You won’t have to worry about foam or caulking failure as a winter window replacement uses specially-formulated insulating foam and caulking that works in cold weather and below zero temperatures.

Improving your insulation will help you in the cold winter months by keeping the heat in and the cold out. Installing a new window and new insulation in the winter will also help you get ahead of the hot summer months, where you will benefit from the new insulation keeping the cool in and the hot out.

3. Boost Your Energy Savings & Lower Your Utility Bills

New windows will provide improved glass, glazings, and spacers to ensure that you are benefiting from the latest technology.

Bavarian Window Works is proud to use Cardinal Glass. Cardinal manufactures high-quality glass for residential use featuring a range of insulating glass and coated glass. Their innovative coatings, specialized spacers between the glass, and protective films offer some of the industry’s highest insulated and lowest conduction windows.

Installing new, energy-efficient windows will help you reduce your drafts and keep your home temperature regulated and comfortable — and this will help to reduce your utility bills!

4. Get Last Year’s Pricing Before The Prices Increase

Ordering and installing your windows in the winter means that you will be able to get your windows for last year’s prices.

Window pricing tends to increase every spring. So why wait?

If you’re considering replacing your windows, don’t wait for the warmer weather. Contact Bavarian today and let’s get the process started so you and your family can feel comfortable for the rest of the winter.

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