January 18, 2022

If you want to turn your home’s basement into a legal apartment, you must ensure that your space is compliant with your local building code. As outlined in most building codes, every bedroom in a basement suite must be equipped with an egress window as an emergency exit.

To learn more about egress window sizes and other frequently asked questions, read on.

Why Are Egress Windows So Important?

If you are operating an Airbnb, a rental unit, or have any bedrooms in your basement, it’s a legal requirement, and a safety best practice, to install an egress window in the event of an emergency.

Egress windows have a very small frame in order to allow for the largest possible opening in the event that escape is necessary.

Standard Egress Window Sizes


At Bavarian Window Works, we source our windows from The Great Egress Co. The windows are made in North America and are constructed with high-efficiency double-paned glass and LOW-E Argon. 

Our egress windows come in two styles: Reverse hopper and side hinge.

The Reverse Hopper Egress Window is available in the following sizes:

  1. 36″ x 24″
  2. 38″ x 24.5″
  3. 41.5″ x 21.5″

The Side Hinge Egress Window is available in the following sizes:

  1. 36″ x 24″
  2. 36″ x 30″
  3. 38″ x 24.5″
  4. 26″ x 46″
  5. 30″ x 40″
  6. 36″ x 32″
  7. 30″ x 30″


Reverse hopper egress window      Side Hinge egress window

These types of windows are very easy to install and are backed by our 100% return warranty.

To ensure that you are outfitting your home with a correctly-sized egress window, we recommend that you confirm your local building code. Typically, this information can usually be found on your municipality’s website.

When Will My Egress Window Arrive?

After placing an order for a standard-sized egress window, your order will be ready for pick up within 3 business days at our showroom in Kitchener.

If you live in the USA, contact us here for a more precise quote and delivery date.

Need More Help with Egress Windows?

If you have additional questions about egress windows, check out our blog post ‘FAQs About Egress Windows’ for more information.

If you’d like one-on-one help outfitting your home with the correct egress window, Bavarian Window Works is happy to assist you. Contact us via our website and a member of our team will be in touch shortly.

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