August 1, 2017

Exposure to natural light benefits the human body. Natural light helps with good mental health, it leads to higher productivity, it helps your vision, it improves your waking and sleep cycle, and it reduces the occurrence of headaches.

Here are some key reasons to have new windows installed.

Natural Light Boosts Mental Health

Many of us work long hours in artificial lighting with no access to natural sunlight. In some cases, a lack of exposure to natural light can result in Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.). Sometimes this is called the winter blues — especially in Canada where we can have long and grey winters.

Other times, S.A.D. can occur because of a lack of exposure to natural light (including sunlight). The Canadian Mental Health Association suggests that between 2-3% of Canadians experience S.A.D. with up to an additional 15% experiencing the winter blues. The Mood Disorders Association of Ontario reports that 2-6% of Canadians will experience S.A.D. in their lifetime.

Adding windows is a really effective way to bring natural light into your home and your workspace. This will make for a happier house and a happier work environment.

Natural Light Boosts Productivity

Whether you’re working in a home office, cleaning, reading, or preparing food in the kitchen, natural light will help you be more productive.

The are numerous studies from around the world that show positive results between exposure to natural light and productivity.

The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology found that “ employees working in environments with natural light recorded higher levels of energy than those in artificially-lit workplaces. The data reconfirms other studies that have shown that controlled daylight in built environments can reduce eyestrain which may lead to improved productivity.”

Natural light also helps your vision as it has been proven to lower the risk of nearsightedness (which is especially important for those us on computers and smartphones every day) by producing dopamine for healthy eye development and reducing eye strain. Less straining equals better screen reading, fewer headaches, and greater productivity.

Natural Light Boosts Energy

When the body is exposed to natural light people sleep better, are better rested, and have more energy throughout the day.

Research has proven that people who have exposure to direct sunlight, especially in the morning for at least 30 minutes, will sleep longer and more soundly at night. This results in more energy, fewer illnesses, and an overall feeling of wellness.

The Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine reports that, in workplaces, employees who are around more light (especially natural light) during the day are more likely to be healthier.

No matter your situation, being in an environment with natural light is important and can play a huge part in your overall health.

Come and visit us at Bavarian Window Works to learn more about how you can bring natural light into your space.

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