Entry Door Trends for 2016

An entry door can be the biggest design element that can make your home shine in your neighbourhood. An entry door represents a style and a statement of what is hiding behind that closed door. An entry door is the first impression you set on visitors when they enter your home and we want to make sure it’s a good one. This is why many homeowners in KItchener and Waterloo focus on designing memorable entrances to their homes. Homeowners are taking a step back from the traditional doors and are starting to install doors that really increase curb appeal and make their home stand out.

Here are some of the most popular trends we’ve been seeing for 2016:

Bigger is Better

A lot of homeowners today are moving toward large entry way doors. These doors are regular size but they set an illusion to your entrance. These big entry doors are bold, and can add more curb appeal to your home.


This summer we are seeing people stepping away from average coloured doors, and changing things up with bold custom colors . At Bavarian Windows we offer a wide variety of different door colours with different brands. Ostaco doors produces a wide range of doors with over 20 standard colors and can also design custom colors to suit almost any lifestyle.


We continue to see a rise in the number of contemporary door designs and styles in the Kitchener area. These doors boast a modern, clean, and simple European-inspired design that can be accentuated with a bold and dramatic colour.


These trends can give you a great starting point when looking to boost your curb appeal this summer. Contact our team at Bavarian Windows in Kitchener to learn more about entry doors or to book a consultation!

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